Health & Safety

At Bernhard, we work with sophisticated, intricate mechanical and electrical systems in all stages of construction and maintenance. The health and safety of everyone on our job sites is our highest priority. As a result, our program is engineered to protect our employees and our clients’ end-users while maximizing construction efficiency and facilitating on-time project completion.

Bernhard Health & Safety Program

We are committed to the health and safety of all individuals on our job-sites. For that reason, safety measures are paramount in our daily operations. Our safety program is designed to:

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • Safeguard all employees and persons who enter our properties
  • Meet or exceed all safety standards and regulations

High Standards

Management is driven by high safety standards and a principal responsibility to promote safe work practices.   Employees are encouraged to report unsafe conditions and are challenged to form individual goals for S.A.F.E. work:  “See it, Assess it, Fix it, Everyday!” We value our employees greatly and understand that they are our greatest resource in maintaining a strong safety program. Our program recognizes them for working safely and as a result they are compelled to be safety conscious

Efficient & Effective

Together accident prevention and efficient work methods promote an effective health and safety program.  Both are integrated into business operations and stop work authority provided to each employee to preserve the well-being of all.  Collectively these elements of continual improvement help prevent incident, foster a positive culture, and enhance overall performance.

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